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Penetration Testing

Exploiting vulnerabilities is not only a skill but also an art

Finding holes in any cave is admiring but restoring them is more important


Penetration Testing is a security exercise where cyber-security expert attempts to find and exploits vulnerabilities in a computer system. The purpose of this simulated attack is to identify any weak spots in a system defense before attackers do and secure the vulnerabilities. One important thing is – vulnerability assessments are not pen tests. Vulnerability assessments provide a prioritized list of vulnerabilities and how to remediate that. Quality pen tests have a goal in mind whether that is to hack into a specific system, breach a database for simply testing as an attacker would find hackable systems. Pen tests are conducted by cyber-security experts to mimic the strategies and actions of an attacker. The five steps in pen testing should be 

Case study

The word penetration suggests any kind of trespass in your system. This allows any kind of simulated attack on systems or an entire IT infrastructure. The sophisticated cybercriminals are now capable of using countless tactics to create threats to your system. After the vulnerability assessment, the work of penetration testing is to find out how the vulnerability can be used to threaten the system. For this problem of penetration in the system, many companies have faced economic downfall in recent years. 

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Problem statement

There are always weaknesses in operating systems, network devices, and application software. The DDOS attack, phishing, ransomware are some problems directly related to the pen test. The weaknesses are enough to cause you great loss. As the security system is not that mature without a pen test, you do not know how you will be attacked and what steps to take. This is like keeping your front door open. Some threats that occur without the pen test are-

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All the above-mentioned problems can be solved by the pen test. The better the pen test, the safer you are. The best pen test follows some of the adequate steps. The steps are initial to do the pen test properly and keep you safe. The steps are-

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The penetration testing service provided by has many benefits. To secure your system completely is our responsibility. Some benefits of this are- 

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